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The Smile Rock - Variety selection

The Smile Rock - Variety selection

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Here at The Mm-hmm Shop, each item provides a simple way to create memories in the small moments you share with those you love.


Whoever has the rock gets to talk! A simple way to involve the whole family in dinnertime conversation while promoting gratitude and kindness.

Use this rock at family meals - pass it around the table and share what made you smile that day. Or share how you helped someone else smile. Make it fun by giving the rock a "home" or "bed" near the dining table and asking your child to wake it up for dinner and put it to sleep when the meal is over.

Or use it as a gift for the desk or windowsill of someone you love. They'll smile and think of you whenever they see it!

Each rock is about 2-3 inches long by 1.5-2 inches across. We use smooth and beautiful Mexican Beach Pebbles - you'll smile when you turn your rock over to peek at the beauty of the natural stone. Because our smile rocks are individually hand-painted, the ones you receive may differ slightly from those pictured.

Includes: 1 hand-painted rock, acrylic paint with gloss finish, select your variety from options listed


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