Want to spend less time prepping for holiday fun, and more time enjoying it?

Here at The Mm-hmm Shop, we aim to inspire families to make memories together in the small moments.

Which items will have your loved ones saying "Mm-hmm!"?

3 photos display a 3-month wall calendar and the 160 stickers that can be used on them. Text explains that, yes, each sticker represents a REAL holiday.

Fried Mom-Brain Stops Here!

You know how sometimes it’s just coming up with the dinner plan that feels like the hardest part? 

We’re not here for your meal plans, but we can do the SAME THING for your family activities. 

Whether you’re looking for ideas to just get you through the witching hour, or memory-making activities for an upcoming holiday, we’ve got you covered!

Start with our colorful wall calendar with Quirky Holiday stickers to give you an easy go-to theme for an activity any day of the week.

(Oh! It’s National Underwear Day? Better have a contest to see who can put on the most pairs! 😜)

Say Mm-hmm to 3 Months of Fun!
A boy discovers one of the clue cards for the Summer Celebration Treasure Hunt stuck onto the cover of a book.

A quick-prep tradition for any celebration? Mm-hmm!

Our Treasure Hunts are designed with maxed-out mamas in mind!

Clever pre-made clues lead your kiddos on a hunt to find a special treasure at the end!

  • 5-minute setup
  • Indoor clues that work in any home
  • Optional themed prize packs

It’s good old-fashioned screen-free, sugar-free fun!

Mm-hmm! I want one!
A variety of clue cards from treasure hunt sets, including pirate, mermaid, unicorn, super hero, halloween, Christmas, Birthday, Easter, and train themes are shown along with the text: The only question now: Which theme will you choose?

Steal some peace for yourself, Mama!

When the witching hour hit everyday, I found myself wishing I had a quick go-to activity that I could set up with minimal effort and would keep my 4 little kids occupied for a while so that I could get some peace at the end of the day.

Then I remembered the best little birthday tradition we have - and thought “Why not do this any day of the week?” So I started making themed treasure hunts we could use throughout the year. 

Some are for specific quirky holidays, like National Donut Day (which comes twice a year). Others are for more standard holidays and seasons, like Christmas and Halloween, and then there are a bunch of different themed ones (great for birthdays and witching hours alike!).

Put a gift or one of our prize packs at the end of any hunt for a special celebration.

Or simply have it lead to an episode of Bluey at the end. (Or you could go bigger with a treat or movie night!)

Now you can be the fun mom AND have some peace during the witching hour, too! And bonus - you now have a go-to fun family tradition to add to your celebrations! 

I’m ready to pick a fun theme!

More memory-making options…

Fun moms celebrate quirky holidays. Here's how to do it with no added stress.

Be the Fun Mom - We've Got You Covered!

We make it easy for moms who want to connect with their kids spend less time prepping for holiday fun, and more time enjoying it.

Start here with our suggestion of ONE quirky holiday per month that will be easy and fun to celebrate!

We also give you our top 4 tips on how anyone can add in a quirky holiday celebration any day of the week, even to an over-booked schedule.

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