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Here at The Mm-hmm Shop, we aim to inspire families to make memories together in the small moments. Many of our items are seasonal, so check back often for new products that will bring your family together in small and simple ways throughout the year. Which items will have your loved ones saying "Mm-hmm!"?

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  • A young girl cradles a baby Jesus doll as she places a straw in his manger.

    The Good Deeds Manger

    At the beginning of the Christmas season, set out the empty manger and the bag of straw. As Christmas Day approaches, encourage family members to place a straw in the manger for every act of service they do or kind word they say. The goal is to have a manger full of hay by Christmas morning so that baby Jesus can have a soft bed!

    This simple, yet meaningful Christmas tradition is a must have for any home that aims to put Christ at the center of their Christmas celebrations!

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