Our Story

Hi! I'm Melodie, and the theme of my life is "Mm-hmm!"
Sometimes it's the distracted kind of "Mm-hmm" I use when my kiddos are trying to show me their latest drawing while I'm on the phone and cooking dinner and trying to feed the baby all at once.
But most of the time I try to use the sincere kind of "Mm-hmm!" The kind that lets my 5 year-old know that I really do appreciate that he made everyone mustard sandwiches for dinner, even though I've never voluntarily put mustard on my own sandwich in my life!
But I'm always telling my kids that the more often we say "Yes!" the happier we're going to be. And since I accepted his "recipe" as a valid offering, we now have a hilarious memory of our entire family choking down mustard sandwiches with the 5 year-old saying "Yeah, this is definitely the worst thing I've ever made."
Over and over, saying "Mm-hmm" has created lasting memories out of the small moments my family shares together.
And that's pretty much the point of this little shop... to provide products that will help your family connect and make meaningful memories in the small moments, too.
Thank you for stopping in! I hope you’ll find something you love. For more inspiration on simple ways to connect with those you love, follow us on IG @mmhmm_mama. And subscribe to our emails for discounts that’ll have you saying “Mm-hmm!”