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Teacher Appreciation Fill-in-the-Blank Letter - BOGO 1/2 Off

Teacher Appreciation Fill-in-the-Blank Letter - BOGO 1/2 Off

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Note from the shop owner: As a former school teacher and current mom who hangs out on mom pages on FB where this question is discussed frequently, I can tell you exactly what your kiddo's teacher would most appreciate for a gift this year. It's this. (And a VISA gift card.)

Here's a heartwarming way for young students to show their appreciation to their teachers! Our delightful fill-in-the-blank page is the perfect gift to express love and gratitude towards an amazing teacher. Designed with guided prompts and an area for original artwork, your child will easily express their heartfelt thankfulness, and show their creativity and perspective that will definitely bring a smile to their teacher's face.

Order a separate page for each teacher your child wants to honor:

  • My Amazing Teacher (Female)
  • My Amazing Teacher (Male)

Please note that the only differences between the two options are the colors and pronouns used.

A scratch-off sticker is included to cover up your child's response to the prompt "My teacher is the best because..." allowing you to truly save the best for last!

The colorful design and high-quality 8.5"x11" card stock ensure that this keepsake will be treasured for years to come. It's the perfect addition to any teacher's file of cherished letters from their students.

Give your child the opportunity to show their creativity and love through this unique gift. Grab a page for each teacher and watch the magic of gratitude unfold!


Pro tip: Scan a copy of any letter of gratitude you or your student writes to a teacher and send it to the principal. They need to hear your praise, too!

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