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Get next month's Quirky Holiday stickers here for free! Just pay shipping at checkout.

Add some color and fun to your calendar with these cute Quirky Holiday stickers!

Each month's sticker set includes 50 Quirky Holiday stickers to choose from! Who doesn't want to celebrate National Donut Day 🍩, National Coloring Book Day🖍️, or Stick Out Your Tongue Day🤪? And if you happen to forget to use a sticker one day, no need to worry - there's always a National Forget-Me-Not Day to make up for it! 😉

Enjoy the humor and fun of these Quirky Holiday stickers! Your plans for next month are about to get a whole lot more colorful and playful.


  • 1 sticker sheet with 50 stickers
  • Each sticker is 1.5x1"
  • A list of the dates for each sticker's holiday


Will you be thanking yourself every time you check your calendar if you put this in your cart today? Mm-hmm! 🙌

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