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Summer Reading Challenge Poster with Stickers

Summer Reading Challenge Poster with Stickers

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Introducing our Summer Reading Challenge Calendar for Kids! Reading is cool, and we're here to prove it with this fun and interactive calendar.

Included: 11"x17" Calendar, 1 sheet of book stickers (100 stickers)

Here's what you can expect:

  • Where to read: Our calendar includes suggestions for unique reading locations that will make reading a fun adventure for your child. From reading under a tree in the park to reading on a beach towel at the pool, we've got it covered.
  • When to read: Our calendar challenges your child to find opportunities to read at all times of day, during all sorts of activities - from reading the closed captions on TV to reading the instructions on a cleaning product while doing a chore.
  • How to read: Our calendar includes tips for different reading strategies, like pretending to be a character in the book or reading with a funny accent. Warning: if your child starts speaking with a British accent, it's not our fault.
  • What to read: Our calendar includes a variety of challenges, like reading a book with a color in its title or reading a book by an author who shares your kiddo's name.

And to make the challenge even more fun, we've included book stickers for your child to mark off each successful completion of a reading challenge. Because who doesn't love stickers?

Don't forget to fill in the blanks for your child's summer reading goal and how they plan to celebrate once they accomplish their goal! Our suggestion: a pizza party with their favorite book characters.

Get your child ready for a summer full of reading adventures with our Summer Reading Challenge Calendar for Kids!

And remember, reading is cool, even if it's not as cool as riding a skateboard with flames on the side.


Is this reading challenge fun for avid AND reluctant readers? Mm-hmm!!

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