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Oh Hey Let's Play! Christmas Bundle

Oh Hey Let's Play! Christmas Bundle

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Your kiddos will love counting down the days to Christmas with this bundle we’ve put together with Melissa (find her on IG @ohheyletsplay).

Use the Good Deeds Manger to center your thoughts on Christ and encourage kindness throughout the Christmas season. Place a straw in the manger every time a family member does a good deed, and by Christmas morning, you’ll have created a cozy spot for the baby Jesus to rest!

Countdown the days to Christmas and discover a Christmas word for every letter of the alphabet as you color, trace, count, and write with the the Advent ABCs Countdown.

Set a festive atmosphere with the Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt (great for use with our without an elf) - put a hot chocolate party at the end, let your Elf create some mischief with it, or use it to lead to an “un-wrappable” gift on Christmas Day.

Upon checkout, you will receive a digital download of the Advent ABCs Countdown to Christmas. The Mm-hmm Shop will ship the Good Deeds Manger Christmas and the Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt in early November.

 Item details:

($91.98 value - Total Cost $64.39 with 30% Off Discount Code - July 20-31 only!)


Good Deeds Manger Set ($59.99 value)

Bring Christ to the center of your Christmas with the Good Deeds Manger Set. This high-quality, handmade set includes:

  • Wooden manger: A beautiful centerpiece for your home, awaiting the acts of service and kind words.
  • Jute drawstring bag full of straw: Add a straw to the manger after each good deed.
  • Baby Jesus doll: Place the doll in the straw-filled manger on Christmas Day.
  • Sparkling star on gold twisted wire: A shimmering reminder of the approaching Christmas morning.
  • Scroll ornament: Hang it on your Christmas tree to inspire good deeds throughout the season.
  • Keepsake box: Safely store the set for future years of this heartwarming tradition.


Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt ($19.99 value)

Create magical memories with the Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt. Let your kids embark on a playful adventure with our delightful clue cards.

  • Starting clue cards: Choose between two cards emphasizing teamwork or individual play.
  • Indoor Treasure Hunt Clue Cards: Follow the clues to discover a surprise, impressing Santa along the way.
  • Merry Christmas Card: Place it with a special surprise at the end of the treasure hunt.
  • Note: No prize included.

This treasure hunt also works great even if your family does not have a Christmas Elf visit during the month of December!


Advent ABCs Countdown to Christmas - Printable Digital Download ($12 value)

Countdown the days to Christmas with this Bible-based letters & numbers activity book for little ones. Includes a page for every letter of the alphabet with a Christmas-themed word and Bible verse to go with that letter. Also includes a counting page for all numbers up to 25! Created by a former Kindergarten teacher and mom of 3, this activity book is perfect for little ones with a love for learning!


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