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Christmas Santa Treasure Hunt - Picture Clues & Jokes

Christmas Santa Treasure Hunt - Picture Clues & Jokes

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🎄 Give your kids the chance to prove they belong on Santa's Nice List! Just leave this trail of clues leading to a surprise - can your kids work together to find all the clues? Santa will be so impressed!

Perfect for ages 3 and up, the clues are given in picture form, so even the littlest participants can figure out where to search. And the hilarious jokes on the clue cards will have kids of all ages running to discover the next clue so they can be the first to read it!

What's the weather forecast for Christmas Eve? ... 100% chance of reindeer!

Works great as a Christmas Elf surprise, too!

🎄 2 different starting clue cards - one emphasizes teamwork, one works for individuals

🎄 18 Indoor Treasure Hunt Clue Cards (5.3"x4")

🎄 1 Merry Christmas Card

Note: No prize included.


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