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  • Treasure hunt clue cards displayed with candy canes
  • The starting treasure hunt clue card is displayed with an elf.
  • Details on the clue card locations are displayed
  • Four clue cards and their locations are displayed (cupboard, laundry, fridge/freezer, shoes)
  • Four clue cards and their locations are displayed (toothbrush, microwave, tv, cereal)
  • The final clue card is displayed with a cup full of candy canes.
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Christmas Treasure Hunt Clues

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🎄 Give your kids the chance to prove they belong on Santa's Nice List! Have your elf leave this trail of clues leading to a surprise - can your kids work together to find all the clues? Santa will be so impressed!

(Do you need an elf for this? Nope.)


🎄 2 different starting clue cards - one emphasizes teamwork, one works for individuals

🎄 9 Indoor Treasure Hunt Clue Cards (5.3"x4")

🎄 1 Merry Christmas Card

This treasure hunt works great even if your family does not have a Christmas Elf visit during the month of December!


Will you thank yourself later for putting this in your cart today? Mm-hmm!

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