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  • Treasure hunt clue cards displayed with candy canes
  • The starting treasure hunt clue card is displayed with an elf.
  • Details on the clue card locations are displayed
  • Four clue cards and their locations are displayed (cupboard, laundry, fridge/freezer, shoes)
  • Four clue cards and their locations are displayed (toothbrush, microwave, tv, cereal)
  • The final clue card is displayed with a cup full of candy canes.
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Christmas Treasure Hunt Clues

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🎄 Give your kids the chance to prove they belong on Santa's Nice List! Have your elf leave this trail of clues leading to a surprise - can your kids work together to find all the clues? Santa will be so impressed!

(Do you need an elf for this? Nope.)


🎄 2 different starting clue cards - one emphasizes teamwork, one works for individuals

🎄 9 Indoor Treasure Hunt Clue Cards (5.3"x4")

🎄 1 Merry Christmas Card

This treasure hunt works great even if your family does not have a Christmas Elf visit during the month of December!


Will you thank yourself later for putting this in your cart today? Mm-hmm!

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Ralph Lyon
Spectacular Treasure Hunt

Wow! What fun we had with your treasure hunt. The clue cards looked great and made setting up the hunt super easy. Thanks for making products like this available.