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Christmas Favorites from @jessimeeks

Christmas Favorites from @jessimeeks

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Your kiddos will have a fun and memorable Christmas season with this bundle we’ve put together with Jessi (find her on IG @jessimeeks).

Use the Good Deeds Manger to center your thoughts on Christ and encourage kindness throughout the Christmas season. Place a straw in the manger every time a family member does a good deed, and by Christmas morning, you’ll have created a cozy spot for the baby Jesus to rest!

Get into the holiday spirit with all things gingerbread! Make Jessi's fabulous gingerbread playdoh, then squish and smush it with the adorable gingerbread spatula!

Set a festive atmosphere with the Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt (great for use with our without an elf) - put a hot chocolate party at the end, let your Elf create some mischief with it, or use it to lead to an “un-wrappable” gift on Christmas Day.

Upon checkout, you will receive a digital download of Jessi's Gingerbread Playdoh recipe. The Mm-hmm Shop will ship the Gingerbread Man spatula, Good Deeds Manger, and Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt in early November.

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($91.98 value - Total Cost $64.39 with 30% Off Discount Code - July 20-31 only!)


Good Deeds Manger Set ($59.99)

Bring Christ to the center of your Christmas with the Good Deeds Manger Set. This high-quality, handmade set includes:

  • Wooden manger: A beautiful centerpiece for your home, awaiting the acts of service and kind words.
  • Jute drawstring bag full of straw: Add a straw to the manger after each good deed.
  • Baby Jesus doll: Place the doll in the straw-filled manger on Christmas Day.
  • Sparkling star on gold twisted wire: A shimmering reminder of the approaching Christmas morning.
  • Scroll ornament: Hang it on your Christmas tree to inspire good deeds throughout the season.
  • Keepsake box: Safely store the set for future years of this heartwarming tradition.


Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt ($19.99 value)

Create magical memories with the Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt. Let your kids embark on a playful adventure with our delightful clue cards.

  • Starting clue cards: Choose between two cards emphasizing teamwork or individual play.
  • Indoor Treasure Hunt Clue Cards: Follow the clues to discover a surprise, impressing Santa along the way.
  • Merry Christmas Card: Place it with a special surprise at the end of the treasure hunt.
  • Note: No prize included.

This treasure hunt also works great even if your family does not have a Christmas Elf visit during the month of December!


Gingerbread Play Dough Recipe and Festive Spatula - Printable Digital Download ($12 value)

This gingerbread play dough recipe is just what Santa ordered to amp up the jolly-holiday vibes in your home this Christmas season! Your little ones will have so much fun shaping the fragrant play dough into all sorts of shapes, and pretending to make gingerbread using the included spatula - just like mommy!


  • Jessi's Gingerbread Play Dough Recipe (download)
  • Festive Gingerbread Man Spatula


Should you grab this bundle now? Mm-hmm! It's the best deal on the Good Deeds Manger you'll see for the rest of this year.

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