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8 Postcards from Santa - Blank with sample letters

8 Postcards from Santa - Blank with sample letters

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Santa's such a busy guy! He'd love to reach out to your child all year long, but sometimes he just needs a little reminder. That's where you can help, by letting him know when to send each of these postcards!

If you know JUST what you'd like Santa to say to your child, or if you really like Santa's handwriting (and don't want it to change), this is the set you want!

With this set of 8 different postcards, you can remind Santa to send your kiddo a postcard just when it's most needed! 

  • Birthday? Check.
  • Good luck? Check.
  • Congratulations? Check.
  • Naughty-to-Nice motivation? Check.
  • Comfort after some bad news? Check.

We even include some sample letters that you could show Santa to let him know just what you'd like him to say! Of course, he should definitely personalize those sample letters with your child's name, address, and specific details so that your child knows that Santa really cares.

Use them throughout the year to

  • celebrate special occasions,
  • encourage good behavior,
  • inspire dreams, or
  • simply as a fun surprise!


  • 8 postcards (8 different designs)
  • 8 stickers (not actual stamps, but they do the trick!)
  • Set of sample letters for writing inspiration
  • A sense of magic, wonder, and anticipation for your child throughout the year!


Will you be thanking yourself all year long for this purchase today? Mm-hmm!


Suggested sending schedule:

February: Santa asleep by the fire

April: Santa at the airshow

June: Santa at the beach

August: Santa at the teacher's desk

October: Santa hitchhiking

December: Santa checking his list

Birthday Month: Santa with a cake (order more birthday postcards here)

Anytime: Santa with a special message

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