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24 Watercolor Brush Pens with Water Brush

24 Watercolor Brush Pens with Water Brush

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Perfect for the Easter Basket of your little artist!

Need a no-mess, quick & easy indoor activity for the whole family? Pull out some coloring pages and elevate your typical coloring experience with these washable watercolor brush pens!

The 24 vibrantly colored pens in this set have real nylon brush tips that are great for kiddos because they can be held at any angle, and they lay down color well regardless of how much pressure is used.

Of course, for older kids and adults, the flexible brush tips can be used for coloring, illustration, calligraphy, and beautiful hand-lettering. Using the included water brush, you can blend, create color washes, gradients, ombre effects, and simple layers.

This set makes the perfect gift for artists! The brush tips are very high quality and deliver consistently elegant broad, medium, and fine brush strokes with each use.


  • 24 colored brush pens
  • 1 water brush
  • 1 brush pen holding tray
  • 1 plastic case with snap closures


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