Artsy summer water activities kids love!

Artsy summer water activities kids love!

Have you ever sent your kiddo outside with a bucket of water and a paint brush? Their eyes light up when you say "you can paint ANYWHERE."

Or soaked their sidewalk chalk in water? It's a totally different drawing experience! (Okay, I might have discovered that after we left our chalk bucket out in a downpour.)

Or created blooming paper flowers(Here's a template)

Here's one more fun idea for you - it can be done inside or outside, but on a hot summer day, take it to the patio so your kid can go wild with the spray bottle...

Magic Spray Bottle Coloring

What you need: 

  • Coloring pages (grab our free summer coloring pages here)
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Washable markers (we like these)
  • A coloring surface that is a little larger than a piece of paper - Plastic lid, tinfoil, wax paper (whichever you’ve got) 

Process (see the video here!):

  1. Use your markers to scribble all over your coloring surface.
  2. Lay your coloring page on top of the coloring surface with the design facing down (touching the marker scribbles).
  3. Spray the back of the coloring page with water.
  4. Lift the page up and see the colorful design your scribbles have left on the coloring page!

Who doesn't love some simple water play in the summer? Now you can get creative with it and make some art.

Don't forget to grab our free printable summer coloring pages

And if you're looking for a fun new marker to try out, our vibrantly colored washable water brush pens have real nylon brush tips that are great for kiddos because they can be held at any angle, and they lay down color well regardless of how much pressure is used. You can get a set here.

Happy "water-coloring!"

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