Easy, Beautiful Holidays? Yes, Please!

Easy, Beautiful Holidays? Yes, Please!

Hey there, Mama!

The holiday season is kicking off, and if you're anything like me, you're probably thinking: excitement, a sprinkle of chaos, and oodles of love. But sometimes, in the whirlwind of it all, the real heart of the celebration gets a bit overshadowed. I totally get it.

Want a little secret?

The Mm-hmm Shop has joined hands with Lemon Drops & Lilies. Our aim? To sprinkle a bit of effortless magic into your holidays. And the best part? It's all delightfully simple.

Thanksgiving? It’s all about memories.

We're starting with that cozy holiday around the corner: Thanksgiving. Sure, it's about turkey and pies. But more than that, it's about gratitude, memories, and those moments of shared laughter. Enter Candace's beautiful Thanksgiving Coloring Runner from Lemon Drops & Lilies. Picture this: not just a place to color, but a canvas of memories. Kids scribbling what they're grateful for, drawing their favorite holiday dishes, and everyone enjoying a fun, interactive table setting. And guess what? Since Candace's runners come rolled, not folded, your tablescape won't have any creases!

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Thanksgiving tablescape featuring a coloring table runner for the kids.


And just when you think the magic wraps up with Thanksgiving...

Christmastime is where hearts glow.

As the warmth of Thanksgiving fades, we transition into celebrating the very thing our hearts are most grateful for: the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is when I love to pull out the Christmas decoration I'm always a little sad to put away at the end of the season. In fact, the Good Deeds Manger isn't just a decoration; it’s a tradition. All season long, as every act of kindness is done, a piece of straw is added to the manger. Come Christmas morning, there's this heartwarming scene: little feet rushing not to the tree, but to the manger. Why? To see if Baby Jesus is comfy and cozy in the soft bed they’ve lovingly prepared for Him throughout the advent season. It's the magic of Christmas in its purest form.

Use Code GOODDEEDS20 to get 20% off the Good Deeds Manger!

A young girl holds her Good Deeds Manger and smiles sweetly at her Baby Jesus doll.

The best part of it all?

Each product, each tradition, is crafted with you in mind. Making your holidays less about stress and more about the soul.


Because that's what the holidays should be: heartwarming, stress-free, and filled with memories.

Here's to a simple season full of love, joy, and treasured memories!


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