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"I Love You" Scratch-off Poster | 2 Designs

"I Love You" Scratch-off Poster | 2 Designs

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Let your loved ones wake up on their birthday or Valentine's Day to discover a new piece of art on their door - then watch their face light up as they scratch off each heart to reveal the messages you've left for them!

Simply write something you love about your recipient in each heart space, then cover it with the included scratch-off stickers. Hang it on their door, on their bedroom wall, in the hallway or kitchen, and wait to hear their exclamation of delight when they discover it!

There are so many fun and creative ways to use these! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Fill the spaces with Reasons I Love You
  • Write a Joke on the Sticker (use a Sharpie) and the answer underneath
  • Draw a picture in each space
  • Use it as a count-down to Valentine's Day, scratching away one heart each day
  • Have the kids fill it in to give to a parent or grandparent

However you use it, we're sure you'll LOVE it!

Poster measures 11"x17" and comes with 10 Heart Scratch-off Stickers (You will receive 10 of ONE color of sticker in one of: rose gold, pink, dark pink, or red). 

Note: The "Reasons Why" Poster has 9 scratch-off spaces, and the "Heart Balloons" poster has 10 scratch-off spaces.


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