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  • Thanksgiving treasure hunt cards with jokes
  • A girl holds the final treasure hunt card and smiles with her family.
  • Four clue cards for a Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt shown. Clues lead to a bathtub, art supplies, couch, and hamper.
  • 4 Clue cards for a Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt are shown. Clues lead to shirts, microwave, bookshelf, and toilet.
  • A family laughs at the joke on one of the Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt clue cards
  • A brother and sister map out their treasure hunt with a clue card from the Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt lying next to them.
  • 3 clue cards and one end card for a Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt are shown. Clues lead to shoes, toothbrush, and tv.
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Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt for Ages 3+

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🍁 Perfect for ages 3 and up, this treasure hunt is a great activity for the kids on Thanksgiving Day! The clues are given in picture form, so even the littlest participants can figure out where to search. And kids of all ages will be running to discover the next clue so they can be the first to read the hilarious turkey day jokes on the cards.

What did the left-over turkey say? ... Make me a sandwich!!


  • 🍁 11 Indoor Treasure Hunt Clue Cards (5.3"x4")
  • 🍁 1 "Hap-pie Thanksgiving" Card to put at the end
  • 🍁 12 Assorted Thanksgiving themed stickers (Place one with each clue, or put them all at the end!)



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