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Summer Quirky Holidays Planner/Calendar Stickers - Mini

Summer Quirky Holidays Planner/Calendar Stickers - Mini

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These delightful stickers add a pop of color and fun to your day planner, and a disproportionate amount of joy to your days!

Each little sticker brings a big smile - giving you a colorful little reminder to celebrate each day, whether it's in a big or small way. Go ahead - plan a relaxing bath on June 14th! Share some chocolate covered almonds with your coworkers on July 8th (or keep them for yourself). These stickers simply remind you to add a little fun each day!

With 160 stickers to choose from for the summer months, you'll have no trouble selecting a little ray of sunshine to smile up at you from your planner every day.

Product Details:

  • 1 sheet with 160 1"x.5" planner stickers
  • Printed on clear sticker paper - making these little stickers look like doodles on the pages of your planner
  • 60 stickers for June, 50 for July, 50 for August
  • A card with a list of the dates for each summer holiday

Note: These stickers are ONLY for June, July, & August (Keep an eye out for more months coming soon!)


Will you thank yourself all summer long for putting these in your cart today? Mm-hmm!

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