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  • A Fill-in-the-Blank style page titles My Amazing Mom is displayed with another titled My Amazing Dad
  • A Fill-in-the-Blank style page titles My Amazing Grandma is displayed with another titled My Amazing Grandpa
  • Two fill-in-the-blank style pages are pictured, both titled "All About Me" - one is green and blue, the other is purple and yellow.
  • A Fill-in-the-Blank style page titles My Amazing Dad is displayed with another titled My Amazing Mom
  • A mother smiles at and hugs her children as she holds the fill-in-the-blank gift her daughter made for her.
  • All 6 options of the fill-in-the-blank snapshot in time keepsake gifts are shown: for Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, and two for children. Text reads: Each page is printed on 8.5 x 11" cover stock (thick) paper, 1 scratch-off sticker included with each page, (Cover up the box in the bottom right corner with the sticker)
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My Amazing Parents & Me Keepsake - BOGO 1/2 Off

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This delightful collection of fill-in-the-blank keepsake pages is the perfect gift for a young child to express their love and appreciation to their amazing mom, dad, or grandparent! Use it for any special occasion, including Mother's Day, Father's Day, and birthdays!

Each charming page is designed with little ones in mind, with prompts and spaces that are easy to understand and fill in. You'll see a snapshot of this moment in time through the eyes of your child as they share their favorite memories of their special person, tell what they love most about him/her, and even showcase their own artwork! They can also fill one out about themself, creating a matching set for their loved one to cherish.

Order a separate page for each loved one your child would like to celebrate:

  • My Amazing Mom
  • My Amazing Dad
  • My Amazing Grandpa
  • My Amazing Grandma
  • All About Me! (Green/Blue)
  • All About Me! (Purple/Yellow)

A scratch-off sticker is provided to cover up your child's answer to the prompt "My Mom is the best because..." so you can truly save the best for last!

With its colorful design and high-quality 8.5"x11" card stock, this page is a keepsake that your child's parent or grandparent will treasure for years to come. It's a heartfelt and personal gift that they can proudly display and show off to friends and family. 

So why not help your child show their loved one just how much they love them? Grab a page or two and let your child's creativity and love shine through. Order now and make this Mother's Day and Father's Day a truly special one for both parent and child!


Will you be smiling for years to come if you put this in your cart today? Mm-hmm!

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