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Leprechaun Treasure Hunts for Non-Readers & Readers

Leprechaun Treasure Hunts for Non-Readers & Readers

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Let Lucky the Leprechaun get you all set up for some St. Patrick's Day fun with this magical childhood activity that's easy for parents (or older siblings) to set up! You'll need about 5 minutes and some green food dye.

Watch your little Leprechaun chaser jump for joy when they discover the Leprechaun coins, flip-sequin four-leaf clover keychains, rubber wristbands, and glitter temporary tattoos Lucky has left behind (included in the add-on prize pack).

How it works: 

9 limerick-style clues lead your child on a hunt around your house for treasures Lucky the Leprechaun has left behind. Each clue card includes a gold coin scratch-off sticker revealing the location of the next clue. 

For extra giggles, use your own green food dye to leave some "Leprechaun wee" in the toilet!


  • 9 clue cards
  • 9 gold coin scratch-off stickers
  • 1 gold coin to use on the scratch-off stickers
  • 1 Happy St. Patrick's Day card from Lucky the Leprechaun

Don't miss the Prize Pack! (sold separately)

Perfect for warding off the pinches on St. Patrick's day! Secure the keychains to your belt loop, backpack, shirt, purse, or keys, put the temporary tattoos on, wear the wristbands, and keep those pinches at bay! 

  • 2 flip-sequin four leaf clover keychains - 4.72 x 4.72 x 0.79 inches
  • 2 St. Patrick's Day rubber wristbands (assorted) 
  • 2 glitter shamrock temporary tattoos (assorted)
  • Gold & Green leprechaun coins

In case your little one has a streak of Leprechaun in them, the double-sided flip sequin design keeps little fingers busy and out of mischief! Both sides of the keychain have sequins that flip from green to silver.


Will you thank yourself on St. Patrick's Day for putting this in your cart today? Mm-hmm!

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