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Good Deeds Manger

Good Deeds Manger

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This simple, yet meaningful Christmas tradition is a must have for any home that aims to put Christ at the center of their Christmas celebrations!

At the beginning of the Christmas season, set out the empty manger and the bag of straw. As Christmas Day approaches, encourage family members to place a straw in the manger for every act of service they do or kind word they say. The goal is to have a manger full of hay by Christmas morning so that baby Jesus can have a soft bed!

We hope that your kids, like our own and many other happy customers', will make checking on the baby Jesus in the manger their first stop on Christmas morning!

This set is the perfect thing for Grandmas to have out in their home, encouraging acts of service and kind words when the grandchildren visit! Or give it as a gift to a family with children still at home - no child is too old to enjoy this sweet tradition!

Our shop is proud to offer the highest quality, original Good Deeds Manger set, handmade in the USA.

The Good Deeds Manger Set Includes:

  • Wooden manger - to be placed in an often-viewed spot, waiting to be filled
  • Baby Jesus doll - to be placed in the straw-filled manger on Christmas Day
  • Jute drawstring bag full of straw - to be placed near the manger so that each piece of straw can be placed in the manger after each good deed
  • Sparkling star on gold twisted wire - to twinkle above the manger, marking the place where Jesus will come
  • Scroll ornament - to be hung on your Christmas tree as a reminder to do good deeds throughout the Christmas season
  • Keepsake box 12″x12.5″x4.5″ - to store your set so that you can keep the tradition going year after year



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