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  • A calendar shows the first day of summer, and the first clue card to a summer celebration treasure hunt is pictured sitting on the calendar.
  • The full set of Summer Celebration Treasure Hunt clue cards is displayed
  • The final card for the Summer Celebration Treasure Hunt reads "Hooray! You did it!"
  • Clue cards for the Summer Celebration Treasure Hunt show clues leading to: coat, bed, trash, sink/tub, freezer, tv
  • Clue cards for the Summer Celebration Treasure Hunt show clues leading to: rug, bookshelf, microwave. There is also an instruction card and an ending card.
  • A boy discovers one of the clue cards for the Summer Celebration Treasure Hunt stuck onto the cover of a book.
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Summer Celebration Treasure Hunt

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It's time to kick-off summer with this lemon-themed treasure hunt! Enjoy this summer-themed twist on this classic kids activity to add some excitement and sunshine. Ready, set, hunt!

Use it once, or use it a bunch! It is perfect for:

  • The last day of school
  • The first day of summer break
  • The first official day of summer (June 21)
  • National Lemonade Day (First Sunday in May AND August 20th)
  • Whenever you just need a fun summery activity!

The clue cards feature clever rhymes that lead from one spot to the next.

Summer Celebration Clue Cards Pack Includes:

  • 10 clue cards
  • 1 "You did it!" card for the end
  • An instruction card takes all the guess-work out of how to set up the hunt - you'll have it ready in 5 minutes or less!
  • We always throw in an extra little item with our treasure hunts - look forward to a fun summer-themed window cling with this one!


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