You've Been Booed! Printable and Instructions

You've Been Booed! Printable and Instructions

Have you ever been Booed?

Not the get-off-the-stage kind of booed... the friendly neighborhood Halloween tradition kind! Here's a quick-and-easy rundown of how it works, with a free printable for you in case no one else in your neighborhood has started it this year!

1. Put together a Halloween-themed gift or treat of some sort for a neighbor or two - have your kids help you pick the neighbor and put the package together. Be sure to package it up so that you can leave it on a neighbor's doorstep with confidence that the local wildlife won't become too interested in it. (True story, today a squirrel dropped a plastic bag with chocolates in it out of my tree!)

2. Print out this printable "You've Been Booed/We've Been Booed" sign set (grab your copy here).

3. Have your kids ding-dong ditch your neighbor, leaving the printed page and the gift/treat behind.

That's it! Then just enjoy seeing the "Booed" signs appear on neighbors' porches, knowing that you're contributing to a feeling of community in your area while teaching your kids the joy of giving!

Have fun!

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